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Wholefoods and Supplements to Use to Stay Fit and Healthy

Most people who strive for health believe that whole foods and supplements play an important role in fitness and health. There are constantly new studies that are revealed on minerals and vitamins that can improve your health. However, all your mineral and vitamin content should be coming from the food you eat according to this health source: Sometimes when you find you are low on a specific nutrient and you can�t change your current diet, it is advisable to use a supplement. The only type of people who can prescribe or diagnose what supplements you may need should be either a dietician, nutritionist or doctor. Avoid the advice of family members, friends or personal trainers on what supplements to use. This is because various supplements may have an interaction with any medication or other supplements you may be taking.

A supplement category that is regarded as dangerous and in most instances useless is the weight loss and meal replacement supplements. Many of the weight loss supplements on the market contain dangerous ingredients that contain very high doses of minerals and vitamins that have the ability to build up to a highly toxic level when taken over extended periods.

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Diet shakes and pills do nothing to teach you how you should be exercising and eating properly. Ultimately the only way to find true health and to stay healthy is to eat the correct food types along with the right exercise program.

Unfortunately we live in a world where most of our foods are manufactured or processed that there is a great confusion around what is considered to be whole foods. A whole food is described as a fruit or vegetable that you eat in its absolute natural state. These food types come intact with all the minerals, vitamins and other types of nutrients. This is the best type of whole food compared to bits that may remain after the processing and refinement processes.

Many dietitians believe that consuming �healthy� whole foods is associated with a number of benefits. The nutrients present in whole foods that have not undergone any changes or pesticide treatments contain the right amount of nutrients to assist in maintaining the immune system and to assist in protecting you from all types of diseases.

For individuals who are striving to stay fit and healthy, a great place to begin would be to include as much whole foods in the diet as possible. Now, many people believe this is too expensive, but try to always look for discount and coupons such as the one iherb offers. It is 10 dollars off anything you want for your first purchase, so just go grab those iherb coupons here. Finally remember that Supplements should be a last resort to supplement a nutrient deficiency.

Herbs to Keep You Healthy Through the Cold and Flu Season

With cold and flu season again approaching, now is the time to start fortifying your body for the onslaught. A healthy diet, especially with an added concentration on certain herbs and supplements, is known to be an effective preventative in fighting illness.

Certain herbs are known for their healing and health enhancing properties. The saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” has never been more true than in our 21st century world where pharmaceuticals have been so overused our bodies have developed a resistance to some of them. Others have adverse side effects better avoided unless absolutely necessary.

That is where herbal remedies come in. Certain herbs in particular have shown themselves to be effective in fighting off illness. Among these are garlic, echinacea, licorice root, thyme, and elderberry extract. Many of these products can be bought online and if you purchase for more than 40 dollars in total you will get 10 dollars off with our special iherb Coupon. Grab it directly by visiting the facebook page.


Garlic is well known for its health boosting properties and is especially effective in staving off flus and other viruses. Supplements are equally as effective and preferable when it comes to the breath factor. One garlic clove a day helps prevent colds and flus; two a day will speed up recovery if you already have a cold or flu. Try mixing it with honey if you can’t take the strong taste.


If you suffer from hay fever to ragweed or pollens, echinacea may not be right for you. That said, echinacea, when combined with garlic supplements, is very effective in preventing colds and flus. You need to read the ingredients, however, when choosing an echinacea supplement as many products don’t contain enough of the herb to make a difference. You will need to take a thousand milligrams three times a day during flu and cold season.

Licorice Root

Licorice Root

Licorice Root has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. It is an expectorant, but also has antiviral properties and helps to fight off flu. When purchasing teas or supplements, make sure they contain real licorice root as many suppliers substitute anise seed which tastes like licorice but doesn’t have the same effect. A caution also: licorice root should not be take by those with a heart condition. It can also interfere with certain prescription medicines, so check with your doctor before using.


Thyme makes an excellent expectorant to help you productively cough up mucus and phlegm that may otherwise settle in the lungs when you are fighting a respiratory ailment. The leaves can be steeped for ten minutes in boiling water to make a tea. It can also be used in a steam bath to soak in or inhale to loosen the mucus.

Elderberry Extract

Finally, comes Elderberry Extract, also known as black elder. If you have already succumbed to that cold or flu, this is the herb you need. Elderberry extract has been known to shorten the duration of the illness by as much as four days! It also is effective against a variety of strains of flu.

Boost your body’s immune system now to prepare yourself for this seasons undesirable viruses. Perhaps this will be the year you dodge all those nasty bullets known as the common cold and influenzas.

Tips To Make The Best Decision When Buying Supplements For Your Health

With a high level of cholesterol or a hereditary history of various issues, a lot of people constantly look for the best solutions to get rid of it or at least prevent the heart diseases from taking serious turn. The most common thing that most people tend to do is visiting the stores that sell health related food or supplements. But a lot of over-the-counter drugs or supplementary items may not work optimally if used inappropriately.

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In fact, this is a way to be intrigued by numerous types of supplementary solutions only. Many people do not seem to have the ability to choose the best supplements that work for them. However, it is crucial for every heart patient to understand how much beneficial a particular supplement can be for them. So, you must understand and remember a few crucial points before buying into billion-dollar market of dietary supplements.


No Regulations:


Unlike medications, dietary supplements are hardly regulated or monitored by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This flexibility and lack of supervision facilitated manufacturers’ way to tout health claims. Even, the claims are sometimes so exaggerated that most health professionals do not feel comfortable with them. Although some supplements come with a wide range of health benefits, the reality behind those products is they are not supported by scientific research. So, never turn a blind eye when buying supplements.


Further Considerations:

If you need to use different medications, you should be knowledgeable because supplements often interact with different other medications. You may think that vitamin or mineral supplements are often safe for health, but chances are that you may undergo adverse reactions when you combine those supplements with certain prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications. So, make a list of your essential supplements, prescription drugs and other medications so that you can check with your doctor or a reliable pharmacist.


Points to be Remembered:

So, you are serious about a healthy life? Well then, do not think dietary supplements are a must if you cannot change your lifestyle to a recommended path. Remember that supplements alone can hardly bring anything good for you. If you want to gain the most of your supplements, all you need is a simple lifestyle with balanced diet and regular exercise. Only then, your supplements will do their best for you.

Your Ultimate Guide To Take Supplements And Vitamins For Digestive Health

Modern people tend to have a higher level of consciousness about health and wellbeing, and this seriousness makes them look for all best ways to stay healthy. An attractive body as well as the appearance does not essentially guarantee that a person with those attributes is properly healthy. In fact, physical wellbeing mostly refers to the sound and regular functioning condition of our inner physical components which we can obviously feel. Yes, we are emphasizing the wellbeing of our digestive health. To prepare a complete lifestyle guide, you must be conscious of what you are going to add to your list of supplements and vitamins.

Following is a list of 8 vitamins and supplements which have their ingredients from the “Mother Nature”.


Probiotics, our friendly bacteria:

 fruit bacteriaWith living organisms inside, probiotics are a type of yeast and mainly bacteria. These have resemblance to those good in our guts which actually help us with digestion. For the treatment of different GI problems as well as general digestive health, the supplements can be an ideal pick. Some types of these bacteria help patients with their diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. For a better result, you can add them to yogurt or malted milk.


DGL, mainly Licorice that cools heartburn:


Acid reflux and heartburn are some of the most typical signs of indigestion. Licorice has a long history of being used for this purpose. Unlike unpurified licorice, DGL which is a specific extract of purified licorice works well without any serious side effects. Unpurified licorice may contribute to sudden high blood pressure. For pregnant women, DGL is not an over-the-counter thing.


Peppermint oil that eases IBS:

peppermint oil

According to several experts, peppermint oil works nicely to abate bloating and pain associated with IBS. Enteric-coated capsules that contain this never dissolve in our stomach. They smoothly pass through to our large and small intestines, where the peppermint oil can be released. Peppermint oil if used with small doses will be conducive to health.


Chamomile which works better than any sort of soothing tea:


Chamomile can be bought to treat multiple ailments. A lot of naturalists are glad to have used chamomile to treat a variety of digestive problems including colic, upset stomach and nausea. People with insomnia or anxiety can be also be benefited. People who have allergies to plant like ragweed should be cautious when using it.


Ginger that brings comfort for our stomach:

A large number of medicines used in Asia contain ginger as an essential ingredient that significantly treats stomachaches. Westerners use ginger to help pregnant women get relief from vomiting or nausea. Ginger comes in different forms like tablets, powder, capsules or a freshly cut ginger root. Every day, you can take 1-3 grams of ginger.


L-Glutamine that helps our intestines:


Glutamine inhibits in our body and supports different organs and most importantly intestines. You may have diarrhea that might be induced by stress, surgery or infections. The L-glutamine supplement can help you. It can also help you to better absorb your day-to-day nutrients. This supplement is more than good for people with regular intake of cancer medications, part of intestines removed or too much hostile bacteria in digestive tracts.


Psyllium, a fiber that relieves constipation:


It is an ideal ingredient used in bulk laxatives. Psyllium has high fiber content which enables it to absorb much water in our intestines. Gradually, the stool becomes bulky and much easier to pass through anal passage. To avoid any serious case of constipation like dehydration, drinking fluids in plenty is a must.


Artichoke relieves stomach upset:


Artichoke leaf extract helps people with severe signs of indigestion. Regular use of the extract may abate abdominal pain, gas, nausea and vomiting. People with IBS and cramps should take it after being informed of its usage practice.